Juniper had been seeking out suitable WLAN manufacturers to add to their line of wireless products for over two years. They needed to fill the void created by their lack of wireless LAN products and were hoping that acquiring Trapeze’s reputable products would not only accomplish this, but add to their authority in the wireless networking market.

Although Trapeze had the distinction of designing and producing some of the best data center infrastructure management equipment, its prevalence in the IT market still paled in comparison to IT giants like Cisco, HP and Motorola. Juniper, however, is now in a position to give the goliaths a run for their money, especially Cisco, which is considered their leading rival. Fortunately, for consumers competition is a good thing and can only drive down the prices of the products we love.

Trapeze owned seventeen wireless LAN patents – the largest number in the industry – and had forty-nine pending. All of which have been successfully procured by Juniper and not by coincidence. They also inherited 127 Trapeze employees so the integrity of Trapeze products has not been compromised.

Unlike Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsytems, Juniper did not inherit a company in dire financial straits. Oracle was unable to correct the mismanagement that had plagued Sun for years and consequently annexed the dying star’s debt. Juniper delivered on its promises and those loyal to Trapeze can take advantage of an expanded, integrated portfolio of wired and wireless switching, routing and security infrastructure.