You are in the market for computer related merchandise, and you realize must seriously consider some of the used networking deals out there.  Having done your research, you have found that the market is flush with companies that take computer equipment and resell them at a fraction of the cost of brand new. 


From routers and switches, to remote access servers to power line network adapters, you can find EVERY component you need to create a new system, or upgrade the one you presently have.  We carry every major manufacturer, such as Cisco, HP, IBM, Nortel and Sun, to name a few.   

When trying to upgrade an entire office network for example, this is often time the best way to go about staying up to date without breaking the bank.  These assets are typically manufacturer rebuilt with original parts; sometimes coming with a warranty even.  Do your due diligence, the time invested will be well worth it via the money you save.