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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
After your order is processed, it goes directly to the warehouse. If the product is in stock, it will be shipped within 48 hours. Although stock availability is not displayed on our product pages, when a purchase is made on an item we do not currently have in the warehouse, a staff member will let you know when you can expect your delivery. The Company uses several shipping providers for delivery. The appropriate provider will be determined according to the discretion of the Company.
Privacy & Security

The Company will never ask for identifying information without visitor consent. They will only ask for such information if:

a. The visitor registers for a specific service or event
b. The visitor requests to receive information or chooses to download any file on this website

The information requested will usually be the visitor's name, company, and contact information including an valid email address.

Neither the Company, its parent and/or subsidiaries as applicable, will release any identifiable data gathered from visitors to this website, except under the following circumstances:
a. when compelled by law
b. when the visitor has provided informed consent
c. to fulfill a request the visitor has made of us
d. to protect the company, its shareholders, and its personnel against unlawful activity, fraud, or any danger to public safety, as determined in our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to disclose to third parties information about registered usage of the website and any related services, including information gathered during individual visitors' use of the site. Any information so disclosed would not identify any individual visitor.

We reserve the right to disclose in full to specific business partners or third parties information gathered during registration for services or events offered in partnership with those partners or parties. Any such disclosure will be limited to the information gathered in connection to the specific service or event, and will be made only to partners or parties identified as participants and/or sponsors of that service or event.

By using this website the visitor consents to this Privacy Policy and to the collection and use of information by the Company as described herein. The Company reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, and a notice of any material change in this policy be posted on this page.

Returns & Replacements

All returns and replacements must be approved by Customer Service. Please call 1-800-625-6442 within 30 days of your purchase with any complaints or concerns. Any complaints outside the 30 day policy will be disregarded.

Ordering & Viewing Orders

Orders are placed online in accordance with this website. To arrange an order in another manner, please call 1-800-625-6442. To check the status of your order at any time, please call 1-800-625-6442 and speak to a staff member.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

The Company accepts all major credit cards for orders. To arrange an alternate form of payment, please call 1-800-625-6442 and speak to a staff member. Pricing is competitive, and will be updated on this website when necessary.

Updating Account Information

To update your account information at any time, please call 1-800-625-6442 and speak to a staff member.